Class X

Class X Theatre Pi

"Class X" is a fierce performance, an intense, disturbing theme that reveals the image of our reality in education, which we would not want to see, but art should be the voice of those who do not have a voice. In this case, the young, poor people from dysfunctional families, who grew up in the most difficult circumstances, whose isolation is not their fault. They are not to blame for being pushed to the margins of society, it is blame for the society, the schools, the media, who are not dealing with their problems are guilty. We decided to give them the right to speak and speak on their behalf. Here and now.
It treats socialization between people not only in class, but also in life and human sense. It gives an image of a social system, emphasizing the dissections of the characters and their fates, their "lectures" that are a defense mechanism against the social mechanism. It enters into all the pores of modern society, emphasizing the lack of solidarity, empathy, in which society is left to each other.
A parable / material becomes the only legitimate social obsession. The play is actually a revolution of today's turmoil, this is the third performance of Theater Pi for 2018 . Directed by Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska.
Actors: Anika Dimic, Dario Stojanovski, Elena Pavlovska, Elena Todorova, Jana Kostovska, Jovana Petkovska, Marija Pachemska, Matea Najdoska, Mateja Stojanovska, Milena Cvetkovska, Moni Mihajloska, Sara Girazovska, Stefanija Rizova, Tamara Gadzoska, Anja Trajkovska, Matea Stojceska, Marija Radović, students from O.O.U. Joachim Kryoski.
Photo and the video Nikola Ristovski.
Trailer Zlatko Mitreski
The premiere of the performance "Class X" was held on December 23, 2018 at 19:00 in the Center for Culture in Gjorce Petrov, Skopje. The entrance is free. The performance is financially supported by the City of Skopje.