Disabled people play as professional actors. Theater acting ,dance and live music are part of this multimedil performance , which the participants have mastered to show their view of the world and what they feel. "I want to act, to film a movie, to watch me on TV."
In appearance, this is the desire of every person who wants to realize on an artistic plan and gain publicity. But when a desire is expressed by a young person like Nikola Ognenovski, a protégé of the Daily Center for Persons with Intellectual Disability "Poraka" then this is not an ordinary, but not an elusive desire. In the play with pictures and stories from everyday life, "Kissed by the sun," in a romantic scene, Nikola Ognenovski plays tango with, Katerina Guroska, who also visits the Daily Center "Poraka". She says she loves the dance. "I want to dance and that is why I am part of this group," said Djuroska, a girl with down syndrome.

In the group are 15 actors, in the majority younger participants in the play "Kissed by the Sun". It is the third project of the Independent Theater "Pi" and the Daily Center for Persons with Intellectual Disability ,,PORAKA” The idea from the theater "Pi", formed by the actors, Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska, is to give the people with special needs an opportunity to express themselves artistically, following the example of the specialized theaters in Europe.

- "In Macedonia, there is no such thing as an engaged theater of this kind, whether with social cases or with people with intellectual disabilities, such as these people with disabilities, here. This is something that is normal for every individual who wants to be irradiated in some way in art, whether it is theater or music", says actor Zlatko Mitrevski.

They gave ideas and used their own imagination about the dramatic material that they collected together with the mentors, Mitreski and Ilievska, were folded. The defendants from "Poraka", with the mentors worked on several acting techniques. Among them, those from Meyerhold, Stanislavsky and other theater innovators and directors. The techniques were adapted to their psycho-physical condition. On the stage in Mala Stanica, they translated the knowledge from the workshops through texting, poetry, their personal experiences for the world, but also performed with choreographed by Valentino Apostolovski and other concerted actions in front of a camera, shown on video. They say that it is nice to be actors and to show their artistic inclinations.
- The language of the text is the most beautiful. When I read the text, it's best for me, says Lara Boskovic, a protégé of the Daily Center "Message". Julia Pavlova, who also participates in the play, and is the main one in the stage with the tree, says:- The most attractive thing for me is dancing, playing and reciting.