The performance "Lift me Up" has the premiere at June 2018at the Cultural Center Aco Karamanov in Radovish, directed by Makedonka Ilievska and Zlatko Mitreski.

It is a co-production between the "Center for Performing Arts and Education Theater Pi" and the Center for Culture "Aco Karamanov" Radovish.
- The text is philosophical, open, honest, brutal, but very comic and interesting. Gaming and fun penetrating into the nature of women's relationships to consumerism, capitalism and the destruction of modern life. That is also the social metaphor and criticism of the neo-liberal capitalism in which we live according to the Darwin principle of "eating so that you will not be eaten," say the Theater Pi.

The six young, successful, strong and beautiful women in the play are: Aneta Ilkacheva, Victoria Koceva, Elena Chakrachieva, Verce Spasova, Maja Uzhevska, Martina Ristevska,who are leading their battle for success in society and breaking taboos.
Viewers become witnesses of their most intimate experiences, personality conflicts and imposed social rules for success, realization, and norms of happiness.