Multimedia theatre performance OXYGEN

"Theater Pi" has been working together with persons with intellectual disability from the "Poraka" daily center for persons with disabilities. The final product is theater performance whose premiere performance was on December 8.2018 in National gallery Mala Stanica.
Directed and video mapping- Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska. Camera Gavrilo Milovanovic. Jovan Vitanov plays bassoon.
Person with intellectual disabilities –Lara: They expect from me to breathe different kind of oxygen. They expect me to be equal with everyone. They expect from me not to bother them. They expect from me not to dance when I want to dance... on the sidewalk, on a bus, in a minimarket, in a parking lot, in bed while I sleep ... They expect from me to have special needs. They expect not to love, not to fall in love, not to have children, not to know how to sing, not to sing, not to breathe ... oxygen.
Igor :
Imagine a life where the blaze of the sun in the light shines too light.
Where the noise from the radio makes you cough instead of dancing.
Where the taste of chocolate is bitter, rather than sweet, and you exclaim with pleasure.
Imagine that the embrace of a loved one makes you more heavy.
The kiss shrinks, the smell of a rose gets you sick.
Then imagine a world that has too high expectations. Expectations for one simple; how are you? The difficulty of simply reacting to social nuances. Where everyone is cheating, rebuking, adulterating, exaggerating, and all blown away.
However. Do you understand that I may be more sensitive to your feelings? That I can see things that are passing by you unnoticed?
That I can smell the flowers, besides which you will only pass by. I'm not obstructed and I don’t have disabilities. I do not mind anything. Nothing that matters.
Let me say something to you. Try to see my differences. I can study differently. I can see it differently. I can taste and feel differently.
Well, I'm a person; I am your son, daughter or grandson, or someone you walk on the sidewalk.
I'm incredible.