"Sun in my mouth" is made like a collage.
Throughout the scenes, actors explore the interplay, the relationship with space and the audience. From the first scene with emotional reading of text, through a video and scene in the bus, scenes that capture the beauty of the nature and evil that governs the world, to everyday activities in the Daily Center "Poraka", the joint sale on the street of the magazine that issues it center and the last scene that celebrates love as a cosmic gift for mankind, these actors showed enthusiasm and willpower in bringing them closer to professional theatrical standards and job creations and proved that they have a concentration and memory for each set task. But what is most admired is the heat and the mutual support that they manifest among themselves during the performance. Of course, for the greeting is also the stake of Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska from the theater "Pi", who since 2012 work as facilitators in the Day center for persons with intellectual disability "Poraka". Without their engagement, "Cuckolds from the Sun" would not have been made, like the two previous plays, "Little Prince", in 2013 and "Sun in My Mouth", in 2014, realized with people with intellectual disability. It must also be emphasized that with this kind of social engagement, the independent theater "Pi" opens a new page in our theater space, promoting a specialized theater for people with disabilities.