The play "The Little Prince" in which all actors are persons with intellectual disability
- users of the day care center
- PORAKA Skopje was held on the small stage of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, Sunday, June 9, 2013
The aim of the theater performance is to highlight the opportunities and potentials of persons with intellectual disability and to contribute to their affirmation as equal citizens in our society. The performance is realized in cooperation with the Theater "Pi", whose members
– Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska, professional actors in the past period worked with the users of the preparation of the play, and the whole activity was supported by the City of Skopje and the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.
The theater performance "The Little Prince" is realized as one of the activities for marking the jubilee - 50 years of active work of the Republic Center - PORAKA.
The development path of the Republic Center - PORAKA for half a century is certainly something that is worthy of respect. In the past 50 years, the Republic Center
- PORAKA, as the parent organization of the persons with intellectual disability in the Republic of Macedonia, is the bearer of numerous initiatives aimed at creating a society in which all persons with intellectual disability and their families will have a dignified life. As a network of local organizations throughout the country, PORAKA contributes to the creation of all significant laws, policies and programs in the Republic of Macedonia that refer to the human rights of persons with intellectual disability and their achievement on national and local level.