-2018-„Pull me Up“-Original Multimedia Performance
Actors- Aneta Ilkaceva, Viktorija Koceva, Elena Karakcieva, Maja Uzevska, Martina Ristevska, Verce Spasova
Directed by Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska
- 2017- "Kissed by the Sun" Original Multimedia Performance
Actors-Persons with Intellectual Disability - Mala Stanica Skopje.
Awared for best performance at the international festival "Young Open Theater" 2017 Skopje
Directed by Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska
- 2014 - "Sun in My Mouth" Original Multimedia Performance with People with Intellectual Disability - Gallery Koco Racin Skopje. Directed by -Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska
- 2013 - "69" Theater performance,play by Alan Ball-MKC Skopje Director-Veselin Dimov
- 2013- "The Little Prince" - Original Multimedia Theater Performance with Actors - Persons with Intellectual Disability
- Macedonian Opera and Ballet in Skopje.
Directed by Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska
- 2006 (Bulgaria) -Teaching of theater training with children based on Psychophysical exercises in Stanislavski and Meerhold
- 2010 (Iceland, Reykjavik) - Participation in international training for the implementation of art in work and life in rural areas (Iceland, Reykjavik 2010)
- 2010 -Local Manager at Social Sculpture Proect, Macedonia
- 2010- Contributors with Matra ENPAP, Ministry of Interior together with Dutch psychology experts in a project for education and sensibility in Macedonian prisons for the purpose of effective and empathetic communication between the guards
- 2011-The use of art where is hard to talk, Art Network of social Sculpture. Macedonia
- 2011 (Romania) - Educator for Forum Theater and Rainbow of Desire.
- 2012-Volunteers in the day center for persons with intellectual disability. "Theater for All" Republic Center for Persons with Intellectual Disability PORAKA.
- 2011/2012 Macedonia - Facilitators in the project - Decade of Roma Inclusion.