Acting School

The Center for Performing Arts and Education "Theater Pi", besides the regular repertoire, started an educational mission for the youngest lovers of theater, play, socialization and art at the Cultural Center in "Gjorce Petrov" Skopje. Studying theater and drama at an early age implies a better process of socialization, developing the child's psychological characteristics. Theater can be and is an auxiliary tool for any young person, in the process of their professional determination in life. Students at the theater school attend classes twice a week. The regular classes will be led by actors and educators Makedonka Ilievska, Zlatko Mitreski, Darko Velic and Sonja Stamboldzioska, and each month our renowned actors will appear as visiting professors.
The acting exercises will contribute to improvement of the acting technique as a base upon which their further stage work will be developed. These acting techniques will improve their self-esteem, self-control, space coordination, self-introduction and inclusion in the societal and cultural life. The musical workshops is based on interaction between a picture and a sound, as well as diversity in the way of communication on stage. It is broaden and upgrade the expression of persons with intellectual disability and will show their musical qualities. There are few persons in the group that already play musical instruments but have not had the opportunity to show and improve their musical talents. The textual development and analysis of the themes and theatre plays will provide for the participants to develop their cognitive skills. They will be able to analyse certain situations in the text and make their own decisions accordingly. At the art workshops, persons will contribute towards better understanding of the themes, its characters since they shall be drawing pictures according to the theme, which will be part of the final performance. The further activities usually are transferred to a professional stage where it is expected that the participants will seriously enter the process of preparing a theatrical piece. The participants (beneficiaries of the project) will have rehearsals on the stage as all other professional actors. This will improve their self-esteem and put accent in their implementation in art as well as in the professional theatre. Creating this type of theartical process , in which persons with intellectual disability have the opportunity to show their knowledge, skills and talents will offer them possibilities to enter the sphere of culture and artisic life. It will provide them wider and deeper sight towards the society, but also towards themselves. As on of the most marginalised group of citizens in every society they must have the opportunity to work and improve their qualities as others.